Who Should Attend

Who Should Attend


As a business or technology leader in an technology, I’ve put a lot of thought into how advanced digital technologies can be used to reshape the industry. Speaking at GDF gives me an opportunity to grow my network by connecting with other leaders and implementers of these key new technologies. This will be an opportunity for me to form partnerships and see what other leaders like me are doing in their businesses.

Value Proposition: I need to get in front of the audience at GDF so that I can be lead and build the ecosystem creating the next generation of digital technologies.


I’ve worked hard to keep up with the rapid pace of technology development in AI, Blockchain, Cloud and IoT. GDF is an opportunity to share what I’ve done and hear how the ecosystem reacts to our organization’s direction. By being a part of the speaker community, I know that I will meet other like-minded peers and I’m going to come away better equipped to tackle these evolving technologies.

Value Proposition: I need to speak at GDF to validate the work that I’ve already done and come away with practical guides for implementing AI, Blockchain, IoT and Cloud.


As a VC I know who the up and coming players are in the emerging markets for AI, Blockchain, Cloud and IoT. Getting in front of the audience at GDF will let startups hear my thoughts on these key technologies and I can help them tweak their plans for the technologies that I want to invest in.

Value Proposition: Getting in front of the audience at GDF will allow the global start-up community to hear what technologies I’m interested in and to connect me to the next opportunities in these key technologies around the world.


Working in one of the BRICS countries gives me an insight into how key advanced digital technologies are being used to shape these fast-growing markets around the world. Attendees and companies will benefit from hearing what we’re doing in our markets and that will help us all craft the best technology solutions to meet the unique needs of my country and culture.

Value Proposition: Telling how advanced technologies are being applied in the BRICS countries will help people understand what our countries need as well as what we uniquely provide.